• Learn how to choose food that is good for YOUR health
  • Which foods are medicinal for YOU
  • Which foods are most toxic
  • Which foods are more alkaline
  • Learn ways (recipes) for good health food preparation
  • Learn safe and effective ways to detox
  • ​No more "I saw this supplement or plant remedy on the internet"  Instead learn, researched and documented information about these things.

Wholistic health approach

The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association system of care has helped millions with their health problems.  From asthma, digestion, cancer, migraines, ADHD, low back pain, sciatica,.... and the list goes on.  Upper cervical chiropractic technique uses the first bone in the spin; the Atlas, as a lever to gently and precisely realign the spine.  The spine is where the spinal cord is located.  This allows your Nervous System to function optimally.  Your nervous system controls and regulates your entire body.  Your body has been designed to be a self healing organism.  If your spine, which houses your Central Nervous System (CNS) is out of alignment, your self regulating and self healing is interfered with.  

You CAN heal.... and get well.... and function optimally with the help of NUCCA Care.

  • One of six NUCCA providers in NYS

  • Central location in tri-city/ capital region

  • conveniently located off highway

  • Individualized health care

  • holistic approach to health, body, mind, spirit

  • restore the body balance AND OPTIMUM HEALTH

  • upper cervical care​​


​Optimum Health New York

A NUCCA Chiropractic Office

Dr. kellie cosselman

  • Traditional western medicine often approaches the body as "parts" (cardiologist for the heart, orthopedist for the bones, etc)
  • At Optimum Health Chiropractic a more whole body approach to health is taken
  • How you eat, when you eat, what you eat, where you eat, ... all taken into account.  As well as the quality and quantity of your sleep, how much body movement, stress level as you perceive it, and what activities you use to distress are looked at.
  • A real body, mind, and spirit approach to your OPTIMAL HEALTH is taken into account to achieve a healthy overall picture of your health

Company Profile

​National upper cervical chiropratic association

  • Schenectady Native, residing in Schenectady with her husband
  • Graduated with Doctor of Chiropractic and minor in Nutrition from Life University, Atlanta GA in 1999
  • Continuing Education Credits
    • Nucca, Chiropractic Techniques, Nutrition, Energy, Neurological, Suicide Prevention, Trauma Counseling, and Coping Skills
  • Volunteering within community since 2003
    • Boys & Girls Club, Girls Inc., Community Fathers Inc., Community Accountability Board through Center for Community Justice, Schenectady Stakeholders
  • Passionate and grateful to be part of individuals healing stories.  Enjoys working with people of all ages and varieties of health challenges while helping regaining and maintaining their health